holiday gift giving guide - day 10

holiday gift giving guide - day 10

we're down to the last three posts in my series of gift giving suggestions!

today i thought i would focus on some gifts that might be great for families! think holiday parties, family gift exchanges or even a hostess gift that would be great for any member of the family. 

of course as i've mentioned in most of these posts, my main idea/suggestion is that you pair some of my handmade cards along with an additional gift! there are so many options available - all can be seen here!

how great would a set of fun birthday cards be? who doesn't love being on the receiving end of a birthday celebration card? get the whole family involved by sending cards to out of state family or friends. 

ready for a few ideas of accent gifts? keep reading!

family night basket

basket gifts are quick to assemble and with dollar store accents - these gifts can look like a million bucks! pinterest is a fantastic source of inspiration for all sorts of basket gifts but here are a few:

- movie night : include a red box giftcard or maybe even a new, just released family friendly movie. add in some boxed popcorn, movie-theater style candy boxes, vintage or fun beverages and maybe some fuzzy socks! the great thing about this idea is it can be used at any time - snow day, weekend, tuesday. 

- game night : decks of cards can provide hours of entertainment since there's so many games that can be played! other family fun games include uno, jenga, monopoly, - there's so many good ones out there! don't forget some bite sized candies, they can even be used as game pieces and who doesn't need a snack during games?!

- ice cream sundae night : start with a box of ice cream cones or bowls and then stack on the toppings! jars of marachino cherries, sprinkles, hershey's syrup or chopped peanuts all make a great accent. you can even add in some disposable bowls and spoons to save the work of doing dishes. add on a note to just add ice cream and you'll be good to go! 

- animal lovers basket : this might not be a "night" basket, but it's definitely good for a family. give the hint of an adventure with a bag of animal crackers - a wonderful accent for a family field trip to the zoo! what family doesn't love animals? many local zoos have awesome special exhibits and this is another event that could be great any time of year! passes or gift cards can often be redeemed at any time. if there are smaller kiddos, you could even include a coloring book with an animal theme or even some finger puppets!

color me cards of any variety are always a hit - and they're some of my favorites to make! young kids and older kids all enjoy them!

come back on wednesday for another post - only two more left in this series. 

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