holiday gift giving guide - day 1

holiday gift giving guide - day 1

hello card-loving friends!

this is the first post in a series of 12 highlighting some gift ideas for everyone on your list. each idea or theme will include handmade cards [mine, hopefully!] but will include additional details as well. 

i decided to put this list together after hearing someone at a recent show say that cards aren't a gift, but an accent to a gift - *and most often quickly discarded* - and hello, i'm not okay with that statement in any way, shape or form! 

so over the next four weeks i'll be sharing 12 different ideas for ways to include handmade cards into a gift. most of these ideas can be purchased from small businesses that are local or at stores such as target, homegoods, tj maxx, marshalls or online at amazon. not going to lie, this is where and how i like to shop and i'm all about supporting these businesses. 

today i'm starting with wine lovers - i know you're out there! 

my suggestion is to pair a handful of cards with a similar theme together and add in something else to make the gift more substantial. i'm going to try and hit a few different price points for everyone. 

these two cards shown here are some of my most popular designs and are two that i've made more than once - something i don't typically do! people keep coming back for more and i can't blame them. you can find more wine themed or inspired cards in my online shop here

now onto some suggestions for what to pair several cards with:

specialty or fun & quirky wine glasses

there are SO. MANY. STYLES. TO. CHOOSE. FROM. seriously, so many! stemless, standard, white wine, red wine, spill-proof and the list goes on. surprisingly enough [or maybe not for that matter], amazon has oodles to choose from. lots of small businesses make them as well and that's always a plus. you don't need to buy a full set, even just one with a personalized message gets the point across. 

a good quality bottle opener

not that there's anything wrong with the target $2.99 variety, but sometimes you need something that'll handle opening lots of bottles. there are electric ones and fancy ones and honestly, can you ever have too many wine openers?

a decorative & functional wine stopper

in case you don't drink the entire bottle in one sitting or night [does this ever happen?] a great idea is a wine stopper. again amazon comes into play with a huge assortment of stoppers. i've even seen some super cute gnome ones at tjmaxx/homegoods. plus, it would be fun to start a small collection of these that could be on display along side a decorative & functional wine rack [another idea!] 

a bottle or two of wine

now - here's where the creativity can really take place with this gift idea. maybe instead of buying someone the wine they always drink, maybe gift them something you think they'd like. get them out of their comfort zone. try a local blend or try something that has a cool label. this is how i've discovered a handful of wines that i really like. relax from target is a personal favorite. pricing can range from $5.99 [some of the best kinds i've had!] to much, much higher - all depending upon your preference. 

wine subscription or winery tour tickets

if you're like me, there are a variety of wineries within a close range drive. how fun would it be to have a tasting at one of them, or a meal at one of their restaurants before picking up a special bottle? or for the more serious gifter, perhaps a subscription to a wine club - allowing your recipient to enjoy wine on a regular basis. 

hopefully some of the ideas speak to you and you can find some inspiration for the wine lover in your life. i plan to make some holiday wine tags that can accent a bottle for all the parties coming up & they'll be showcased and listed soon. 

come back on wednesday for the second post in this handmade card + holiday gift giving guide! 

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