day 101 - and a fun discovery!

day 101 - and a fun discovery!

it's the day after the last day of #the100daychallenge and while i debated taking a break from creating, a friend asked me to make a card. so obviously, i had to oblige!

her favorite human is a runner and is celebrating a birthday, so she requested that the card have something to do with running. i had scraps from yesterday's card left on my desk so i decided to use some of the same colors. 

i used my silhouette to design the line drawing of a running shoe and cut it out from two shades of cardstock; dark grey and black. i typed the sentiment on my laptop and printed it out on the bright blue panel. it's in one of my favorite fonts - ka floaties

cutting some super small foam squares in half, i adhered them behind the lines on the grey colored cut out and then i layered it on top of the black cut out. they're a little visible from the sides, but they add some serious squishiness to the card and i think that it looks so fun! 

hand-drawn white dashes and dots create a nice border around the card while adding a splash of light color. plus - they're also one of my favorite details. i added the green envelope for a splash of brightness!

my friend liked the card and i'm hoping that her other half does too! it was something different - which is weird to say considering that i just completed 100 days of cards. 

one other thing that i'm jazzed to share is this collage of all the cards created during #the100dayproject. i took the daily photos and added them to a canva collage and seeing them all together makes me so happy. and amazed. and proud. just look at all the color and happiness!

also on the subject of cards - i was texting my bestie and we were discussing how it'd be so cool to have a full catalog of all the cards i make. [so often, especially with one-of-a-kinds, i sell them or give them away and never see them again. every now and again when there's one i really love, i'll include a photo of it in our yearly scrapbook - but i don't like to fill it with all art/craftiness since it's our story, not my story...] soo, i took to google and discovered chatbooks.

i've heard of them before but upon reading i became more and more intrigued. and then i went down a wormhole - in a good way. you can link your instagram account or photo stream and have books with images created and almost autoshipped. jackpot! this is what laura and i were dreaming of and wishing for. long story short, i have six books on their way to me, full of 350+ cards that i can reference and remember. i can't wait to create more to fill more books. of course i opted for the rainbow colored cover option which will look great near my rainbow wall in the craft castle. i'm super excited! i don't think i can switch over my entire yearly scrapbooks to this method because i really enjoy the process, but for this option i think it's going to be amazing.  

i'm looking forward to working on said scrapbook this weekend - along with some additional crafting and organizing. here's hoping you've got some fun things planned as well! 

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