#the100dayproject : 91/100

#the100dayproject : 91/100

hey friends! welcome to another week! i'm in the home stretch of #the100dayproject and i'm so excited about it. 

today i'm combining day 91 along with #thedailymarker30day coloring challenge and i created a one-of-a-kind card. it's nothing fancy, but i like the way that it turned out. 

lawn fawn stamps are some of my favorites to color because they generally have a wide open space and they are so versatile. this row of watermelons is from a newer summer set and i paired them with the sentiment "you're one in a melon." to mimic the colors of the watermelon rinds, i matted the white panel on a bright green panel. i also am a huge fan of the sentiments that lawn fawn comes up with. many are super punny [which you know i adore], but often times they are unexpected and adorable. plus, that font is super cute! 

adding in hand drawn black lines around the perimeter of the white panel helps close in the design a little, as well as visually connects the black seeds and the sentiment. i rounded the upper right corner of both panels as well as the card base. if you notice, the watermelon on the far right side is missing a few bites and i thought it was a nice touch to draw your eye to that area. 

the pink color of the card base doesn't match exactly to the pink of the watermelons, but it's okay. i tried to add in a little detail on the rind since the coloring itself was pretty simple. it is amazing to me just how therapeutic coloring is. i have enjoyed it since i was a kid, but even just a few days into this challenge and i'm loving the process of spending a few minutes relaxing and being one with my markers. i'm really looking forward to adding to my marker stash later this week on a day trip! 

i've got several packages coming this week with new supplies - my wallet really needs these companies to stop making such awesome things! i want to buy them all! but the way i look at it, the more i buy the more i have to create with - and that's always a good thing, right?

i'm just going to go with that theory! 

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