#the100dayproject : 2022 : 1/100 - hip hip yay

#the100dayproject : 2022 : 1/100 - hip hip yay

welcome back friends, it's been a minute...or a year and a little bit. i won't get all caught up in why i've been mia as i'm sure the details will come out over time [nothing bad, just life], but i'm excited to be back! and even more excited to be starting another round of #the100dayproject - 2022!

i'm again using a spinny wheel app as inspiration and a jumping off point with categories including: new product [newer than six months], older product [older than six months], foiling, mini slimline, one of a kind, inspired by..., ink blending, sketch, color inspiration, stenciled, no stamps, inside element and embossed. 

day one's spin landed on the new product category and i managed to use a few new products including stamps, dies and envelopes. i have to admit that i'm slightly obsessed with the size of today's card - it's a mini slimline and it measures 6.25 x 3.25 and is adorable!

hip hip yay
the top of the card features an ombre blend of sprinkles leading to the stamped sentiment, "hip hip yay happy birthday" - the fun font allowed me to add some coordinating color using markers. the panel itself has faux stitching and is so great. i'm just so excited about the way that it turned out. 
details - hip hip yay
while the design itself is relatively simple, it just makes me so happy! my birthday stash is seriously low [i promise i'm working on it!] and this will be the newest addition. it'll be added to my online shop soon and while i'm mentioning it, that's a work in progress as well. i've got some new ideas and plans as well. 
flatlay - hip hip yay
i think i would consider day one a success and as i've mentioned - i'm super jazzed to be back! i hope you'll follow along! feel free to leave me a note with any kind of cards you're wanting or needing and i'll do my best to help ya out! 
day 1/100 - 99 left to go! 
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